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Navigate Government Services and Legislation with Ease. Our resource page is a comprehensive guide for individuals and businesses. From tax assistance to government services and legislation insights, discover the key links that empower you to make informed decisions.

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In Canada, we have three levels of government to which we, as individuals and business people, contribute taxes. These levels include the federal government, provincial or territorial governments, and municipal governments. Each level plays a crucial role in shaping the personal and business landscape by establishing legislation, regulations, and permits that govern various aspects of business operations. These regulations are designed to ensure fairness, safety, and compliance with standards. Additionally, the government entities provide essential business support services, information, and financial assistance programs to foster economic growth and innovation. Collaboratively, these levels of government work to create an environment that encourages personal and business development, entrepreneurship, and contributes to the overall prosperity of the country.

Here at Switzer & Co. we are located in Kelowna, BC in the heart of the Okanagan Valley so the links on this page reflect common links used within our community. If you live in a different city or province follow the laws and regulations within your province and municipality.

Canada Revenue Agency Resources.

CRA Business & Industry

Business taxes, financing, permits, regulations, intellectual property, business support and how to sell to government.

CRA GST/HST for Businesses

Information and links on how to collect, file and remit GST/HST to the Canadian Government.

CRA Starting a Business

Steps to consider before operating a business in Canada. Helpful links to important business information.

Hiring and Managing Employees

Payroll, wages, hiring and terminating employees, benefits, deductions, job bank, Record of Employement, apprentices, regulations, safety, labour market data and more.

CRA My Business

Business owners and representatives can access their GST/HST, payroll, corporation income taxes, and other CRA accounts online.

Research and Business Intelligence

Industry sector data, financial benchmarks, labour trends, business statistics, directories of Canadian companies, small business hub and more

Service Canada Resources.

Record of Employment

Information regarding ROEs, links to ordering paper ROE forms and ROE web. Please note if you work with payroll provider please consult them before filing on your own.

My Service Canada Account

Allows you to access your personal information regarding EI, CPP, OAS, SIN and Canada Apprentice Loans. Great resource for yourself or for assisting employees.

Find a Service Canada Office Near You

Find a office near you by entering your location and distance from your location. You can also search by province.

BC Government Business Resources.

BC Registry

BC Business Registry manages the creation (incorporation and name registration) and listing of businesses and organizations in BC.

Employment Standards

Learn about BC’s labour standards including hiring and terminating employees, overtime pay, statutory holidays, time off, foreign workers, forms and more.

Starting a Restaurant in BC

Reference guides, checklists, location and zoning information, permits and licences, employee information, operation and maintenance information and more.

Corporate Online

Incorporation Applications, change of directors, change of office addresses, BC Annual Reports, ULC Filings, Delay of Dissolution or Cancellation and more.

Trade and Invest BC

Learn about BC’s business climate and economy, natural resources, talent and workforce, trade relations, taxes and incentives, industries and more.

Business and Economic Development

Learn about managing a BC business, Not-for profit organizations, small businesses, international businesses, liquor and cannibis regulation and more.

BC Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

Find information for businesses, real property contractors and purchasers about the BC PST registration, payrment, refunds, audits and more.

Starting a Franchise in BC

Learn about how franchises work, resources to help start a franchise, a helpful franchise checklist, tips, links to the BC Franchises Act and more.

BC Housing

Information on how to get, keep and renew a recidential builders license. Info on home warranty insurance, Continuing Professional Development and more.

Raising Capital.

Community Futures BC

Information on Business Loans, succession and sale, disaster relief and recovery, buying a business, business training reimbursement and more.

Business Benefits Finder

Find programs and services such as grants, funding, loans, capital investments, tax credits, wage subsidies, and more provided by the Government of Canada.

R&D Funding and Support

Funding, collaboration, commercialization and licensing resources to help fuel Canadian innofation. Find links, information and more.

Grow Your Business Online Grant

Get up to $2,400 in funding to help implement e-commerce capabilities so you remain competitive in todays economy. Apply and find out more.

SR&ED Tax Incentives

Scientific Research and Experimental development tax incentives are intended to encourage businesses to conduct research and development learn more here.

Boost Your Business Technology Grant

Get up to $15,000 to boost your business technology. Need better back office software or cybersecurity? Find out if you qualify and apply today.

Workforce Resources.

Canadian Job Bank

Post jobs, find resources about types of workers, labour market information, recruitment advice, hiring a diverse workforce and more.


Health and safety training, apply for coverage, report payroll & pay premiums, report incidents, get a clearance letter, learn about worksafe regualtions and policies.

Post jobs, search industry salary averages, explore, sort resumes, send messages, schedule interview, add screener questions, find qualified candidates and more.

Skilled Trades BC

Learn how to sponsor an apprentice and the many benefits and incentives available for employers to hire skilled trade apprentices.

Business to Business and employment-focused social media platform. Post jobs, find the right candidates, connect with professionals and build relationships.


Skilled trades employment program that connects construction employers with skilled construction job seekers. Incredible incentives for hiring apprentices.

Legistlation Governing Canadian Businesses.

Income Tax Act

The Canadian Income Tax Act contains the laws regulating taxation in Canada. It defines the income for tax purposes and is updated based on the Canadian federal budget and various court proceedings.

Canada Labour Code

Defines the rights and responsibilities of employers and their employees in federally regulated businesses such as employment conditions, wages, deductions, vacations, holiday, termination and compliance.

Business Corporations Act

The Canada Business Corporations Act regulates Canadian business corporations. It defines a corporation, the structure, responsibilities, capabilities, and law applicable for carrying on business throughout Canada.

BC Employee Standards Act

Lays out the definitions under the code, rights of employers and employees, hiring, wages, uniforms, records, overtime, breaks, statutory holidays, leaves, vacation, termination, complains, inforcement, appeals and more.

Tradesmarks Act

Defines a certification mark and the laws relating to trademarks and unfair competition so to safeguard the public’s confidence when purchasing a product ensuring they receive the specific product they intend to acquire.

BC Labour Relations Code

Defines the rights of employers and employees, unions, bargaining rights, voting, collective agreements, strikes, lockouts, picketing, mediation and dispute resolution, commissions and council, arbitration, labour board and more.

Indigenous Resources.

BC Small Business Resources

A guide from the BC government providing a checklist for business startups or business who wish to grow and various business links to help inform and connect.

Business and Economic Development

Programs and services to increase business skills, invest in a business or develop land on a reserve, growth capital, community opportunity, business directory, partnership initiative, funding for economic development and more.

Canada Revenue Agency Resources.

CRA My Account

CRA My Account lets you view your personal income tax benefit information and manage your tax affairs online.

Service Canada

Provides Canadians with a single point to learn more about EI benefits and leave, Public Pensions, Social Insurance Numbers, GST Credit, Passport and more.

CRA Money & Finances

Managing money, debt and borrowing, education funding, Pensions and retirement, financial tools, financial literacy programs and more

Service Canada Resources.

My Service Canada Account

Access services for Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), CPP disability, SIN, and Canada Apprentice Loans.

Tax Credits & Benefits

CCB, GST credit, provincial benefits, Disibility tax credit, Home accessibility tax credit and more.

Retirement Hub

Learn about, plan, apply and manage your retirement options and plan for your future with Service Canada’s new Retirement Hub.

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Job Search
Employment Rights
Employment Rights
BC Employment Standards
Employment Rights
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Laws & Acts
Canada Privacy Act
Laws & Acts
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